2010 Porsche Panamera

Last week, I had the 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S.  With its normally aspirated, 32-valve DOHC 4.8-liter V8 and its highly efficient PDK transmission, the 400-horsepower it produces feels more like 500.

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643 Responses to “2010 Porsche Panamera”

  1. Mohammed Alrugaib says:

    I can’t stop looking and listening to Jessi although my Center of
    attentions was the Panamera.

  2. netra gurung says:

    its a nice car as well as presentation good job

  3. Suburban BQY says:

    Gorgeous Car, Gorgeous Reviewer and you cannot have either one of them.

  4. popeyepanther says:

    Thanks for the review. You didn’t have any negative comments though…..
    To good to be true? Either way, I’m going for a testdrive.

  5. Michael Monk says:

    “It’s quiet a piece of eye candy” – Well.. maybe.. but Jesse is eye candy
    and ear candy. So let’s just forget the car.

  6. Baseballswag911 says:

    Could not agree with Frostybearkid more <3 I think I’m in love

  7. FrOsTyBeArKiD says:

    A hot girl who speaks car…love

  8. stopsuckingme02 says:

    Lol jokes

  9. FloydCrystal says:

    She is Hot!

  10. Rong Q says:

    Look at the shape of the key, yea. We all just looking at your tits

  11. djandyz says:

    Looks aside, she’s done a pretty good review of the Panamera.

  12. djandyz says:

    Six months??? Hell, I’d kill for a night with her!

  13. pm512 says:

    She would get on your nerves in six months. You will never get tired of the car.

  14. Bap Gia says:


  15. kevin lamborginni says:

    I wasn’t expecting the voice…

  16. SuperAAAFFFF says:

    well..let’s watch it another time to see the car, too…

  17. Reddigitalmusic says:

    Jessi is a very good car review gal…bravo!!!

  18. HEARTDARKNESS1 says:

    على زق

  19. freshjnew says:

    Looks like someone took a frog and stretched it out. and its this weird but beautiful conglomerate of 911, Cayman, and Cayenne. Porsche was just like lets give people all three in one vehicle.

  20. sherman3211 says:

    still mid to high 60s for a 2010 panamera in the US. pretty decent resale.

  21. dub yousef says:

    #جيش التمساح

  22. zyxw2011 says:

    what happend if you press panic? duh

  23. shaniquajdeesed says:

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  24. Ilyas Haddadi says:

    I would prefer Jessi over Panamera..

    Though both are insanely hot..

  25. MontrealN54 says:

    She is so hot
    She is so hot
    I’m gonna say it again
    She is so hot

  26. Chuck Norris says:

    GAY TEST: If you saw the car, you’re gay.

  27. Chuck Norris says:

    GAY TEST: If you saw the car, you’re gay.

  28. 4nt0ni0100 says:

    …Its aluminium not alumnum !!! Jesus !

  29. Andrewbokiwi says:

    she is like 90 pounds …..what kinda tool you got if you can get a ton of milage out of a 90 pound women hahaha needdle duck

  30. lighth4zard says:

    Man look at that ride, it looks incredibly comfy, reliable and looks like you can get plenty of miles out of it.

    The Porsche looks good too.

  31. yzoooon says:

    The panamera is everywhere in kuwait. After two years the price tag drops like crazy.

  32. Jballa371 says:

    jessi your a goddess marry me

  33. psxbr60 says:

    Fit bird talking aboout a car = sexy, until the true blond came out! 5:57

  34. psxbr60 says:

    5:57 = Bimbo!

  35. nyuu919 says:

    hh shes cute

  36. wealthyvirgie says:

    id take the girl:)!!

  37. Roberto Perez says:


  38. deaneoleviar says:

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  39. TroyRx says:

    First of she is gorgeous secondly the panamera is just so well rounded can’t think of a single negative thing about it

  40. keslerctiffaneyy says:

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  41. evasenkari says:

    Jessi is the only one who actually knows about the cars she reviews . Emme is just a dork, and Ross Rappaport is just a fucking troll

  42. imcool267 says:

    i had no idea porsche makes kitchens.

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