2010 Acura ZDX

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  1. nhowendy says:

    Seat belt ?

  2. Samir Ango says:

    it’s such a beautiful car

  3. Del Reed says:

    I am thinking this would be a great car for my retirement. I don’t care
    about back seat headroom and there is a whole lot more cargo space than a
    sedan. I also don’t care so much for the look of the traditional SUV. This
    car is perfect for me. I like the fact that it looks different than all the
    cookie cutter sedans and SUVs and its really hard to find a coupe with a
    good AWD system. Not interested in BMW or Infinity coupes. But I will see
    what is available at the right time.

    Always nice to see a review by a pretty girl too. =)

  4. umaxen01 says:

    a 2013 is over $50,000? I think it’s the MOST expensive Acura available.
    That’s insane with those 2005 Honda Accord wheels…

  5. Papaya Man says:

    I think she’d look sexy in a ’67 Fastback…

  6. johnny burch says:

    My next car.

  7. johnny burch says:

    My next car.

  8. johnny burch says:

    My next car.

  9. johnny burch says:

    My next car.

  10. Pablo Mooradian says:

    It was even 69 degrees ;)

  11. flamaker2009 says:

    Jessy: May I get this job.
    Manager: Yes, but you need first to &*&X my Cockpit
    Jessy: Ok.
    Manager: Don’t forget how you got this job, so say COCKpit properly.
    Jessy: of COCKs :D

  12. flamaker2009 says:

    Jessy Lang, loves your LONG :D Ha ha ha

  13. NITECOREPD says:

    ur right she shud be a chubby american instead xd

  14. sawink says:

    Still…Still the comments are about her….Its an RDX review. ..the maturity of society is obvious. Jeez! When does it get old…is everyone Beavis or Butthead? Rhetorical. They trained you well.

  15. mike jay says:

    the cock pit is sleak and smooth huh….car review/porno?

  16. mike jay says:

    and there she goes lying about her weight

  17. TheLAboy777 says:

    she ain’t that hot…too small and skinny

  18. LoopInc says:

    show some titis

  19. TheAutomotiveMan says:

    Jessi Lang!?!??!!? What a pleasant surprise!

  20. Reddigitalmusic says:

    Weird vehicle, overkill on someone crazy’s version of style, nooo thanks!

  21. innismor11 says:

    The car’s, yes.

    Her are fine though. Very.

  22. Dave Jimenez says:

    ugly fog lamps

  23. rainlion0 says:

    Yes! they need to get girls to do review:) remember who are the audience ? GUYS!!!!haha

  24. djmixmac says:

    I’ll pass on the ZDX, but the chick is hot!

  25. briangharrissv says:

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